Flexible Display Solutions at the Cisco Store

Cisco Store Shelving

At the Cisco Store, things are always changing and it’s important for us to have flexible solutions deployed that can keep up with these changes. That’s why we have installed B+N Modular shelving systems in both the San Jose and RTP store. This electrified, metal, tool free reconfigurable solution gives us the ability to update displays and store signage in a matter of minutes. On this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian Domine will demonstrate how we use the B+N 1224 system to illuminate products and expand upon the Cisco Store brand.


To begin with, Brian will demonstrate how we can adjust and move around different shelves to light up certain products and displays we’d like to feature. We can easily pop out an illuminated shelf and move it around the system, creating a modern looking and well-lit display.



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Another benefit of the B+N system is the fact that it is magnetic. We are able to stick our electronic shelving labels right on to the shelves, to further enhance our displays and Cisco Store marketing promotions. In this episode, Brian will also demonstrate how we bring the Cisco Store brand to life using printed, magnetic signage created with Medius. In this particular video, we highlight the Inclusive Future collection at the store by displaying Cisco’s mission statement, “To Power an Inclusive Future for All,” above the display. To further enhance the signage, we can illuminate the message with another B&N lighting element, easily deployed and adjustable within the system. Learn more about signage capabilities of Medius here. Learn more about the benefits of using the 1224 B+N system here.


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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

The Cisco Store Tech Lab has become a place for employees, customers and partners to see Cisco technology come to life in a real, functioning retail environment. With our Tech Tuesday series, we are bringing this store experience to our audience at home on the Cisco Store on Instagram and YouTube. Virtual tours, led by Cisco Store tech expert Brian Domine, showcase a new technology each episode from the Connected Store at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

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