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Inclusive Communities


Welcome to the new and improved merchandising options for Inclusive Communities. To provide all Inclusive Communities with merchandise, we have two options, 1. Preset orders and 2. Custom orders. Use the option that is right for your community. Please read our FAQs and if you still have questions, contact us.

1. Preset orders. The Cisco Store offers our preset offering of merchandise available once a quarter. Every community has the same options with merchandise branded with each community logo. Everything is made to order. See below for upcoming order and shipment dates.

FY23 Q3 / Order window: 1/30/23 to 2/20/23  Ship date: 3/27/23

FY23 Q4 / Order window: 5/1/23 to 5/22/23   Ship date: 6/26/23

FY24 Q1 / Order window: 7/31/23 to 8/21/23   Ship date: 9/25/23

FY24 Q2 / Order window: 10/30/23 to 11/13/23   Ship date: 12/18/23


You can create anything at any time with our approved merchandise vendors. To reach out to all our vendors for a competitive quote, email

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