Dynamic Shelf Displays with Vusion Rails at the Cisco Store

At the Cisco Store Tech Lab, we are constantly evolving and finding new technologies to improve the experience of our customers. Two episodes ago, we introduced our newest technology at the Cisco Store, electronic shelf labels by SES Imagotag. On this week’s episode, our Tech Expert, Brian Domine, will demonstrate another kind of electronic shelf label, called the Vusion Rail (V-Rail), that we have installed at the Cisco Store for easy, interactive and engaging displays.


From the Inclusive Future collection area of the San Jose Store, Brian will show the audience how we can use the V-Rail, with its full video screen, to highlight different products to our customers. Currently, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are displaying our latest collection, the collaboration with Cisco employee resource group Conexion. Shop the collection today and make an impact towards Cisco’s Hispanic Heritage Fund 2021.



Watch the video


V-Rails by Imagotag come in a variety of different sizes. The label we have installed in San Jose is the four foot device. These are incorporated throughout our physical store locations, and will also be added to the technology stack we bring on the road to travel stores. With V-Rails, we can leverage the high definition screens to enhance the customer experience and optimize store operations. With the Vusion Cloud platform, we can easily change dynamic displays, allowing a flexible solution for markting at the Cisco Store. Learn more about SES Imagotag V-Rail capabilities here.



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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

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