Understanding Customer Behavior with Object Detection

Meraki Object Detection Cisco Store

Last Tech Tuesday, our tech expert Brian introduced our audience to the Meraki technologies within the Connected Cisco Store, focusing on Motion Search. This week, we are diving further into Meraki capabilities to explore Object Detection. MV Object Detection uses machine learning based analytics to detect people and vehicles in the camera’s field of view.

At the Cisco Store, software on the Meraki cameras analyzes images multiple times per second and identifies where objects, such as people or customers, are located. Then, the camera tracks the location of those customers over time to understand things like when they entered the store, where they went, and when they left. This allows us to understand how customers are moving through and using our physical spaces.


Brian Tech Tuesday 3

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Throughout the episode, Brian will display the Meraki dashboard on the store’s Webex by Cisco board and demonstrate how objects detected as people are enclosed in a yellow box. Additionally, the dashboard will report the confidence level of certainty that the object is a person, as opposed to a vehicle or other inanimate object. Object Detection will also provide x and y coordinates and an object ID. Detection can be broken down by time of day and by zones within the store, which allows us to analyze people in a specified area of the store, such as the point of sale. The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted to determine how much of a person must be in the zone to be counted.

Meraki Object Detection allows us to analyze data to find information about how many customers entered or were present in our space on a minute, hourly, or daily scale. With these capabilities, we can determine when the store is most occupied, helping us make staffing decisions and better understand our customers. Learn more about Meraki Object Detection here.


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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

The Connected Cisco Store has become a place for employees, customers and partners to see Cisco technology come to life in a real, functioning retail environment. With our Tech Tuesday series, we are bringing this store experience to our audience at home on the Cisco Store Instagram. Virtual tours, led by Cisco Store tech expert Brian Domine, showcase a new technology each episode from the Connected Store at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

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