Controlling the Cisco Store Environment with Meraki Sensors

Connected Cisco Store

Cisco Meraki is one of the Connected Cisco Store’s biggest partners. Throughout our Tech Tuesday series, we’ve explored how we can gather insights with Meraki Motion Search, and how Meraki Object Detection helps us understand customer behaviors. On this week’s episode, we’re diving into yet another Meraki technology: Meraki sensors. Our Tech Expert, Brian Domine, will demonstrate to the audience how we can use the Meraki sensors deployed throughout the store to gain real-time visibility and insights into our physical environment.

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The episode begins with Brian showing off the first Meraki sensor on the side door of the store. This MT20 is an open-close sensor, that can also be placed on server rack doors. If the doors are open for too long, we can set up personalized alerts to notify us of any issues within the store or back of house. Next, we'll see Brian show off the MT10 sensor, which can monitor humidity and temperature levels throughout the store. We use this sensor in the back of house area of the store, to monitor the relative humidity and temperature near our servers.

We’ll also take a deep dive into the Meraki sensor dashboard, which helps us track environmental data and understand trends. At the Cisco Store, we use this to understand when people entered the store and if the temperature is ideal for the servers in the back of the store. With personalized, flexible alerts, we can track entries into the store and ensure optimal conditions with remote monitoring. These sensors are simple and easy to deploy through the store, using our existing Meraki camera infrastructure as a hub for network connectivity. All we need to do is insert the batteries and mount them in the relevant places and we have real time visibility! Learn more about Meraki sensors here.

Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

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