Selling Smarter with Square at the Cisco Store

Square PoS

On this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian Domine will be highlighting one of our most important partner technologies: Square. We use Square technology as our point of sales system at the Cisco Store. Square helps us to quickly and easily check our customers out, and integrates on the backend with other technologies that provides us with a holistic view of what’s happening in our store.

To begin, Brian will show off the different hardware elements of our Square Pos sales system. The Square system is made up of the large white terminal with a touch screen, easy for the salesperson to rotate around for the customer to sign for their purchase. Our Square PoS also contains a card reader, that has the ability to read chips and pins, but also allows for contactless payment forms, such as Apple pay, Google pay, etc. When checking out a customer, Square gives the customer the option for a text receipt or email receipt, as well as contactless, no signing option.

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Why is using Square so important at the Cisco Store? Square helps us better understand the store program and our customers, by giving us the ability to integrate with other partner technologies deployed throughout the store. As Brian explains, we can integrate our Square PoS with the Dor occupancy sensors we have deployed to perform people counting. This integration helps us correlate the number of people in the store and the number of purchases during a certain time, helping to calculate our conversion rate. Learn more about Dor at the Cisco Store here

Square also has the ability to integrate with our online Magento, enterprise edition ecommerce system. This allows us to create a buy online, pick up curbside solution at the Cisco Store. Interested in learning more about that solution? Check out the full demonstration at our virtual booth in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live 2021! Register here. Learn more about Square PoS here.

Interested in our Tech Expert’s outfit? He’s showing off a sneak peek of the NEW Hatch graphics collection, launching next week!

Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

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