Making an Impact with Rising Above the Storms and the Cisco Store

Rising Above the Storms

Cisco is known for its unique culture for valuing its people, technology, and changing the world. According to We Are Cisco, while Cisco technology is what keeps people connected across the globe, Cisco's real edge comes from the people. Cisco employees make things happen, and care deeply about making a positive impact on the world. No Cisco employee quite embodies this sentiment as fully as Alphonsine Imaniraguha, founder of Rising Above the Storms, created to offer hope to the hopeless by advocating for orphans and promoting education in underdeveloped areas of the world.



Alphonsine’s story is one of strength and resilience. Growing up in Rwanda, she lost both her parents and two siblings in the horrific Rwandan genocide in the late 90's. In the aftermath, she was left to be the caretaker of her three surviving siblings, all under the age of ten. Although most people would crumble under this pressure, Alphonsine persevered, earning a scholarship to college in Rwanda, and then pursuing a Master’s degree in the United States on full scholarship.



As a network engineer at Cisco, she supported her siblings through their own college journeys and continues to make a global impact each and every day with her charity, Rising Above the Storms. Rising Above the Storms promotes education and a deep love for orphans, and encourages and inspires with a message of hope to help rebuild a brighter and more positive future. Learn more about Rising Above the Storms here.

Today, the Cisco Store is launching its very first partnership with the Rising Above the Storms charity with our new collection. All Cisco Store proceeds from the collection will be donated to Rising Above the Storms to contribute to making a positive impact on orphans in underdeveloped areas. Moreover, $7.00 from each t-shirt sale will also be donated to the charity, in addition to the Cisco Store proceeds.


Browse the collection here!



With hope, determination, and perseverance, Alphonsine was able to rise above the challenges life gave her. Instead of giving up, she's turned her story into an example of how hope and courage can help you inspire and make a difference for others. Join us at the Cisco Store to help others rise above their challenges by shopping and giving back with the new collection. Learn more about Alphonsine’s inspiring story here.


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