Introducing Robin the Inventory Robot

Cisco Store Robin

Ever wondered how much easier work would be with a robot? Meet Robin, the Cisco Store’s inventory robot, from Keonn! On this episode of Tech Tuesday, our tech expert Brian will demonstrate to the audience how we can use Robin to autonomously count inventory at the store, using RFID technology with higher accuracy than handheld readers.


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Robin is a mobile RFID system that can perform the inventory of a given space completely autonomously. On this week’s episode, Brian demonstrates how he can use his mobile device to set up a schedule for Robin to count inventory. He will map out the route he wants Robin to take around the store, and off she will go at the scheduled inventory time! As she moves throughout the store, she is scanning and locating every merchandise item that is RFID tagged, in two dimensions (x and y). Robin can move in all directions, and can rotate without displacement. As she finishes her route around the store, she will return and dock herself into the charging station, where she’ll remain until we need to count inventory again.



With the information Robin gathers, we can generate a planogram of the Cisco Store of all the items inside of our space. This information can help us quickly and easily detect misplaced items, pick and return items, and avoid human error for inventory counting. Learn more about Robin and Keonn here.


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