Introducing: Cisco Store x Cisco PRIDE

Cisco Pride Illustration

Pride Month is a time where the LBGTQ+ community, along with allies, can come together to celebrate who they are, and be proud of who they love. What used to be a one-day event, Pride has expanded into a month-long celebration of the LBGTQ+ community. This Pride Month, customers at the Cisco Store can shop and give back with Cisco PRIDE all month long! We’re celebrating Pride Month with exclusive merchandise, created in collaboration with Cisco PRIDE and The Hatch. For every item purchased, net proceeds will be donated to Cisco’s LBGTQ+ Bright Fund, created to support LBGTQ+ people, their safety, health, and wellness to live equally.

The Pride Collaboration

The Cisco PRIDE mission is to ensure that Cisco is recognized internally and externally as an inclusive LBGTQ+ friendly company where LBGTQ+ employees can bring their whole self to work and be part of an engaging, passionate and socially responsible community. The inclusive community provides a space for members to drive Inclusion & Collaboration initiatives throughout Cisco, local communities, and the world.

This Cisco Store x PRIDE collaboration was created to give a voice to the Pride community at Cisco, and accelerate change through merchandise. Since January, a focus group of individuals spanning across the global PRIDE community, came together to brainstorm ideas, themes, and designs that they felt were important to represent their group. With the help of the Hatch, Cisco’s in house creative agency, the focus group was able to create graphics that they could be proud of- whether it was to show off at work, around their home on the weekends, or even at a Pride parade!

One of the themes incorporated into the collection is the representation of the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. The PRIDE group was determined to create graphics that were inclusive and representative of the everyone, including all sexual orientations and gender identities. To achieve this representation, throughout the collection, you’ll notice the flags from the different Pride subcommunities prominent in several of the designs. Ranging from Gay Pride, Transgender Pride, Bisexual Pride flags and more, the group wanted to use these graphics as a way to educate others on the wide range of people that make up the community. With these graphics, the group hopes that all members of the Pride community, along with their allies, can wear them proudly to express their authentic selves.


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Pride Echo


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Pride Illustration


The Cisco Store x PRIDE collection is now available for purchase at the Cisco Store. Most importantly, we can all make an impact with PRIDE today! For every item purchased, net proceeds will go towards Cisco’s LBGTQ+ Fund, to support LBGTQ+ people, their safety, health, and wellness to live equally.

If you are a Cisco employee interested in joining PRIDE, you can learn more about the organization here. Additionally, learn how you can give back with PRIDE here and take their allyship training here. Keep up with PRIDE on Twitter.

At the Cisco Store, we will continue amplifying the unique voices of groups throughout the company with collaborative collections. If you are involved in an employee resource group at Cisco and are interested in collaborating on a collection, please reach out to Learn more about Cisco's Inclusion and Collaboration Communities here.

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