(Inclusive Future): The collection created to inspire change

Inclusive Future

During the Cisco Live US 2020 keynote, Cisco’s new company mission statement was unveiled to the world: “To Power an Inclusive Future for All.” According to Cisco’s 2020 Inclusive Future report, this mission calls for a “commitment to accelerate inclusivity worldwide in order to bridge poverty gaps and bring everyone forward into a future that includes and values everyone.”

The brand new (Inclusive Future) collection echoes this sentiment with every design. On September 7th this long awaited collection will be available for purchase from Cisco Store US and on Cisco Store Europe. The collection features merchandise of all types, including t-shirts, stickers, post cards and more!  Explore the collection here.


Inside the Collection

The (Inclusive Future) collection is inspired by Cisco’s purpose. The parentheses, a recurring theme throughout this collection, are used to represent inclusion as everything between the ( ) is grouped together as one. The Cisco Store team worked with Cisco's in house creative agency, The Hatch, to create new graphics that convey messages of equality, diversity and inclusion. We hope our audience will wear this collection proudly to show their support for a worthy cause. One Cisco, together.


The Designs

Future is Inclusive

The Future is Inclusive at Cisco



We’re powering a future where everyone is included at Cisco



It's a LOVE revolution for all

Heart of Cisco II 

Love always wins with our newest Heart of Cisco design


Peace, Love, Equality

Featuring a design that uses American Sign Language to spell out the values peace, love and equality


(one Cisco)

We are all One Cisco, together


Cisco Stands for Equality

Cisco Stands for Equality for everyone


Together we can make a difference

As a part of the Inclusive Future mission, the Cisco Store partnered with Cisco’s Fighting Racism and Discrimination fund to offer donations at checkout. This fund was established to support organizations in the fight against racism and discrimination in their many destructive forms, and includes organizations such as the NAACP, the Human Rights Campaign foundation and the Equal Justice Initiative. Beginning early August, Cisco Store customers that donated $1.00 or more to the fund at checkout received an (Inclusive Future) bracelet as a physical representation of Cisco’s Inclusive Future mission. Throughout these two months, over 500 customers donated for a bracelet and raised over $1,000.00 for this fund. The Inclusive Future bracelets are now avalaible for purchase here, and a dollar of every purchase is donated to the Fighting Racism and Discrimination fund!



The 2020 Inclusive Future Report concludes with this message: “Whether you influence a government, a business, or an organization, we’re calling for a commitment to accelerate inclusivity worldwide in order to bridge poverty gaps and bring everyone forward into a future that includes and values everyone.”  The brand new (Inclusive Future) collection offers merchandise that raises awareness and promotes this mission, and we hope it will inspire our audience to take action to create the future we know is possible.


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