Data Visualization with DOMO at the Cisco Store

Cisco Store DOMO

Data analytics are at the core of good business decision making. At the Cisco Store, we use DOMO to help us visualize and analyze trends and patterns in our data to better understand our business. On this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian Domine will show off some of the DOMO visualizations we have displayed in the store, and how we use them to learn more about our online sales.

With DOMO, we have the ability to seamlessly connect our data sources through pre-built data connectors. On this week’s episode, Brian will be showing off the visualizations that were created through the DOMO Magento2 connector. The output datasets from this connector are updated in real time, on our own, personalized schedule. On this episode, Brian is only showing off our online sales analysis. However, when we do return to the office, we will be able to overlay our online sales data with in store sales, connecting the various datasets in the backend of the tool.


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When creating DOMO visualizations, we can easily choose a previous or current period of time, or compare period over period. Brian will walk the audience through a variety of visualizations that we have filtered for the current period of time. He’ll show off our visualization of daily online sales, broken down by geographic store. We use this card to understand how our different online stores are performing compared to each other, as well as sales trends over the current month. We can also take a look at a year-to-date view of our online sales, to understand when there were spikes in orders or sales, and overlay that information with events like Cisco Live, the holiday season, new store openings, etc. to better understand sales trends.

With DOMO, we can also create cards that display our bestsellers across our different stores. This helps us understand what products our customers are most interested in for the current month, and allows us to better tailor our marketing efforts. Brian will show how the visualization helps us see that the Opti-Dri polo is currently our bestseller. Shop the look here. Additionally, he’ll show that our brand new collaboration with the Connected Asian Affinity Network has also risen in top sales this month. Shop that collaboration here, and give back to the CAAN Fighting AAPI Hate and Discrimination fund.



Today, we displayed our Magento2 ecommerce sales data visualizations through DOMO. At the Cisco Store, we also have the ability to connect our data to analyze marketing activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing through Klaviyo, and more. Learn more about the capabilities of DOMO here.


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