Cisco Store Technology Highlights

Cisco Store interior technology

The Connected Cisco Store in San Jose may look like a typical merchandise store on the surface. However, when taking a closer look, visitors will find that the store actually acts as a living lab for some of Cisco’s most innovative technology that can solve problems across any industry. This technology was integrated throughout the store to improve store operations, empower associates and enhance the customer experience by bringing together Cisco and partner technologies to create real retail solutions. As a living lab, the store is actively developing new ways to bring the brand experience to employees and customers through technology. Below are just a few of the technologies you may encounter at the Connected Cisco Store!


Solutions showcased throughout the Connected Cisco Store

When first stepping into the Connected Cisco Store in San Jose, you’ll find a room directly to your right that features wall-to-wall dynamic signage. These digital Cisco Vision screens enable us to display tailor-made experiences, such as marketing campaign videos and store promotions and advertisements. In addition, through a partnership with Apple, a simple touch on an Apple Watch or iOS device can transform this digital signage with just one click, a solution that can be implemented in a small store space like ours, or scaled to an entire concert or sports venue.

Moving towards the interior of the store, you will find the Cisco Store’s OPAL technology, the world’s first 360 sphere shaped display. OPAL creates a shared experience for virtual reality and 360 content, without the need for a headset. The content for this display can be controlled using the Cisco Vision Director. On the Connected Cisco Store virtual tour, you will have the opportunity to experience the OPAL with a 360 video in the Emerging Technologies section.

Also displayed throughout the store are Cisco Collaboration tools, like the Webex by Cisco Board. This board can be used for the team to sketch new floor displays and layouts, video chat with teammates across the country and present training materials to keep associates informed and up to date on current store events.


Cisco Store Tech- Meraki Cameras


If you look up on your walk through the store, you’ll see Cisco Meraki cameras placed throughout the ceiling. These cameras, paired with Cisco Aironet access points, provide the Cisco Store with a top-notch wireless network, security and location analytics. With these technologies, along with Cisco DNA Spaces, we are able to assess in-store traffic with analytics such as heat maps and dwell times, that helps us understand where and how long shoppers are engaging with certain displays throughout the store.

Technology in the Cisco Store even extends all the way to the fitting room! This connected fitting room is one you’ll actually want to spend extra time in. Shoppers at the store can watch how smart fitting room technology with RFID has the ability to recognize merchandise brought into the room, and allows you to contact store associates for assistance. This fitting room technology allows associates to spend more time engaging with shoppers and selling product. The mirror in the fitting room also displays fun and engaging graphics to create the perfect frame to try on merchandise and snap photos.


Cisco Store smart fitting room


The Connected Cisco Store is a case study of the potential of Cisco’s technology and partner ecosystem. It’s the place where Cisco technology comes to life in a real, functioning retail environment.

Check out the Connected Cisco Store case study to learn more about the technologies integrated throughout the store. Visit the Cisco Store website for 24/7 Cisco merchandise shopping, and don't forget that all employees receive a discount when logged in!