Cisco Pride While Working from Home

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Working from home has presented many challenges for employees. We asked three passionate Cisconians to share their experiences from their homes all around the world; from Karina Farina in Spain, Christopher Richardson in Washington, and all the way to Pam Rivers in North Carolina. What stood out the most from their answers is that Cisco employees have proved resilient, from staying positive and finding creative ways to remain engaged with the team, to appreciating Cisco in a new light.


Staying Connected to the Cisco Brand While Working from Home

Cisconians have discovered unique ways to stay connected to the Cisco brand while working from home. Karina shared that she has stayed connected and inspired seeing people in Webex rooms share the different ways they are helping their communities and Cisco during this time. “Social media also has an important role; I have seen myself much more active reading and sharing everything we are doing as a company during this time,” said Karina. Going back to the basic tenants of the company culture was a common theme, as Pam discussed that she had stayed connected to the brand by “Embodying the Cisco culture and our Guiding Principles. Giving my ego the day off, assuming best of intentions of others.” In addition, she has seen employees going the extra mile to check in with each other and discuss things besides work, and even has meetings for the sole purpose of connecting with others where “the only rule is no business talk.” Chris echoed that statement, saying his team will do “virtual happy hour chats where we share stories about the triumphs (and hilarious fails) in working from home.”


Chris Richardson


The Bigger Picture: Appreciating Cisco

Another take away from Cisconians is the growth of their appreciation for Cisco, and the way this company has demonstrated its culture throughout this time. Karina stated, “I have seen the ‘One Cisco’ very closely being in the southern region of Europe, one of the most affected. I have experienced how solidarity has made its way among the teams, supporting each other morally, in specific projects and helping our communities.”

This feeling extends to the entire company, and Chris stated “From the ELT’s open communication and messaging to Cisco, to employees at all levels jumping in to make masks, music and be an overall benefit to the world, Cisco’s culture is everywhere.” Pam has had a similar experience, discussing how refreshing it has been to see employees step up and work together as Webex Warriors to help the TAC, and seeing the leadership team demonstrate transparency and vulnerability.


Representing Cisco While Working from Home

As many of our employees are appreciating Cisco more during this time, we wanted to learn how employees were displaying their Cisco pride from their homes across the world. Karina likes to represent Cisco from home by making sure all the virtual meetings she has with her friends and family are through Webex. Karina has gone even further to represent Cisco externally as well, saying “I have been part of virtual forums of different universities in Spain where I have demonstrated what our technology can do for us at this moment.” Pam discussed how she represents Cisco by spreading all the good the company has been doing, and focusing on mental health, encouraging people to take care of themselves and each other.  Finally, Chris shared that he tries to represent Cisco with merchandise. “I’ve worn my Cisco hat for some happy hour calls and have some Cisco books on the floating shelves behind me that callers ask about, but I’m looking for more ways to do so as others share how they represent!”

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Represent Cisco Proudly with the Cisco Store

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