Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Conexión

Somos Cisco

Today marks the very first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month. From September 15th to October 15th, we recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success. In celebration of this special month, we are launching our very first merchandise collaboration with Cisco inclusive community Conexión. Proceeds from the new collection will be donated towards Cisco’s Hispanic Heritage Fund 2021, to enable and empower the next generation of Latinxs. Learn more about the fund here.


From beginning to end, Conexión members were involved in every step of the merchandise process for this collaboration. From the initial design brainstorming phase to choosing the final products, this inclusive community worked tirelessly to create a Cisco Store collection that they felt was representative and could give a voice to the Hispanic community at Cisco, and beyond.


Somos Cisco T-Shirt (Unisex)


“Joining Conexión was like that missing piece of finding someone I could relate to,”

Sabrina Gonzalez, Miami Conexión chapter lead


Conexión brings people together to experience personal and professional growth through inspirational leadership, coaching, mentoring and by providing plentiful opportunities to give back. This year, Conexión is honring their 20th anniversary, and celebrating Hispanic Heritage with a month full of programming that includes two Cisco TV broadcasts with some very special guests. This years theme, #ProudOfMyAccent, celebrates the Hispanic community and their rich culture that makes them so special. Learn more about how Conexion is celebrating their 20th anniversary here.


Many Hispanic people come from different heritages and countries all over the world, but one common thing they share is their passion and Hispanic pride. When speaking with members from the Conexión community, one of the most common goals for this new collection was wanting to display their pride for their heritage throughout the Cisco community. At Cisco, diversity and inclusion is an important value throughout the entire company. With the vision “To Power an Inclusive Future for All,” Cisco strives to live up to embrace this calue in everything they do. With our newest collaboration with Conexión at the Cisco Store, Conexión members hope that this merchandise is something the Hispanic community, along with their allies and other employees throughout Cisco and beyond, can be proud to wear to show off their culture and embrace their heritage.


Y Tu, Flag Tines Sticker


“…[we can] become better, just by learning from every single human being that is part of Cisco, because we're so diverse.”

Angela Mesa, Conexion President


This month, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Cisco Store! Shop and give back with the brand new Conexión collaboration, created to celebrate the Hispanic community at Cisco and beyond! Shop the collection today.


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