An Augmented Reality View of Cisco Meraki at the Cisco Store

Cisco Store Augmented Reality App

At the Cisco Store Tech Lab, we are constantly exploring new ways to educate our audience about our Cisco + partner ecosystem. In this episode of Tech Tuesday, we're showcasing our latest method of showing off our technology, with the newly launched Cisco Store Xplorer app. Cisco Store Xplorer is an augmented reality application empowering every user to learn about and engage with Cisco and partner technology. Through the lens of a mobile device, hotspots reveal in store technology which can be further explored at the touch of a screen. Xplorer will be available in the app store upon return to office. On this episode, our Tech Expert Brian will demonstrate how our audience can use the Xplorer app to learn about our Meraki MV 12 cameras. 


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Throughout the video, Brian will demonstrate how customers at the Cisco Store in San Jose can use their own mobile devices to uncover "hotspots" throughout the store that offer more information about selected technologies. Customers can read more about the technology at the "tell me" tab, or click on the "show me" tab to get an actual live feed of the Meraki camera. Additionally, customers can see related technology information, in this case, the MV32 Meraki cameras deployed throughout the store. We are able to fully customize these hotspots in our content manegement system to place the cards and hotspots throughout the store.



Watch the video now!

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Tune in to more episodes of Tech Tuesday this month, where we will be showcasing other technologies deployed throughout the Cisco Store through the lens of the Cisco Store Xplorer application.

Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

The Cisco Store Tech Lab has become a place for employees, customers and partners to see Cisco technology come to life in a real, functioning retail environment. With our Tech Tuesday series, we are bringing this store experience to our audience at home on the Cisco Store Instagram. Virtual tours, led by Cisco Store tech expert Brian Domine, showcase a new technology each episode from the Connected Store at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, California.



The Cisco Store Tech Lab at Cisco Live 2021

Interested in learning more about the Cisco Store Tech Lab? Visit our virtual booth in the World of Solutions to see the Cisco + Partner ecosystem at work, demonstrated by our Cisco Store Tech Expert, Brian Domine. Access to the booth will be available until April 30th!

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